Product Details

Pack Size

30 Kg

Packaging Type

Dual side laminated moisture protected high quality plastic bag


High in Protein, No Artificial Flavour, Organic

the tapioca roots/tubers are deskinned and soaked in water. The tubers are then fed into the crusher adding equal amount of water for extraction of milk. The milk thus obtained is allowed to pass through a sieve to remove the fibrous material. This fibrous material in pulp form when dried is known as Tapioca thippi. The metabolizable energy in thippi is very high,2450 kcal/Kg.

Other details :

  • This is a fine quality tapioca powder used as cattle feed
  • It is a good source of energy and fibre to the cattle
  • It is also used in cattle feed making

Nutritional Values (% Maximum):

DM 91.7
CP 2.1
CF 13.6
EE 2.8
Ash 3.8
AIA 1.5