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Grand Master
Pack Size:
50 Kg
Packaging Type:
Dual side laminated moisture protected high quality plastic bag
High in Protein, No Artificial Flavour, Organic

Other Details

Protein, minerals, oil and fibre are mainly found in the outer layers of the grain, and wheat bran is richer in these nutrients than the whole grain. Wheat bran is relatively rich in protein (14-19% DM, sometimes higher) and minerals (4-7% DM), notably calcium (0.07-0.2% DM) and phosphorus (0.9-1.3% DM). Its oil content (3-5% DM) is higher than that of the whole grain. The fibre and starch contents are inversely correlated and extremely variable, as they depend on the relative amounts of envelopes, endosperm and other fractions mixed together.

Nutritional Values (% Maximum):

DM 87.8
CP 14.4
CF 5.9
EE 5.5
Ash 4.9
AIA 1.2

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